You should consult a physician before beginning any exercise program, including a program involving the use of the swisswing®. If you have any known medical condition or physical limitations affecting your ability to exercise, Swiss TTP strongly recommends that you seek the advice of a physician before using the swisswing®. If, during the use of the swisswing®, you feel faint, dizzy, shortness of breath, or are in discomfort, stop using the swisswing® immediately, and consult your physician.

Certain medical conditions preclude the use of the swisswing® (Absolute Contraindications), while other medical conditions require consultation with your physician or other medical personal (Non-absolute Contraindications) before use:

Absolute Contraindications
• Pregnancy
• Use of pacemaker
• Acute inflammation or diseases
• Acute thrombosis (blood clotting)
• Advanced stage Osteoporosis
• Freshly sutured wounds

Non-absolute Contraindications
• Joint prostheses and implants of any type
• Cardiovascular or circulatory diseases
• Acute hernia, spondylolysis or discopathy
• Migraine
• Retinal disease
• Epilepsy