Swisswing has caught on like wild-fire within our entire organization and it has been an outstanding addition to our sport performance program. It’s rare to find a vibration device, or any device for that matter, that can eliminate pain, improve flexibility, and reduce soreness all at the same time. Almost too good to be true…
Most WBV platforms can not be used when an injury is present – Swisswing – we can specify the targeted area without negatively effecting the joint. NFL Players’ have many needs and the Swisswing has met many of them.
I can’t begin to thank the SWISS TTP staff and all the help they’ve provided. They definitely understand the words CUSTOMER SERVICE.

- Tom Myslinski
Strength and Conditioning Coordinator, MS, CSCS CPT
Jacksonville Jaguars


The Swisswing is a great piece of equipment for all aspects of our flexibility and rehab programs.  I use it with my players during pre-BP warm up, pre-game warm up and for post-game recovery.  Our therapists implement the Swisswing in all of our rehab programs.  The Swisswing not only helps get our players ready to compete, it also gets our injured players back on the field faster.
- Matthew Krause
Major League Strength & Conditioning Coordinator, CSCS*R
New York Yankees


The Swisswing is state of the art, simple to use and very effective.  We have had it in our weight room at PNC Park for 3 seasons now.  Our players use it regularly for neuromuscular activations (prior to taking the field), for soft tissue mobilization (to work out tight muscles) and post-game for tissue recovery flushes.  The ability to focus on one body part at a time is what separates the Swisswing from the other vibration units on the market.  Bill and his crew provide great service for a great product.  Our objective is for the players to perform night after night at the highest levels possible … the Swisswing plays a role in our ability to do just that.
- Frank Velasquez
Former Strength and Conditioning Coordinator,
Pittsburgh Pirates


For our guys there was no better self directed soft tissue treatment.  Our athletes used it as an integral part of their routines.  It is easy to use and the results are awesome!
- Nate Shaw
Major League Strength and Conditioning Coordinator, ATC, CSCS
Arizona Diamondbacks 


The Swisswing has been very useful throughout the year in helping players prep for a workout or game. I would definitely recommend it as a tool for success.
- Pete Prinzi
Major League Strength & Conditioning Coach
St. Louis Cardinals


We use the Swisswing in our pre-game prep routine as well as post-game recovery.  The Swisswing has become an important tool in our program.
- Joe Kessler
Major League Strength and Conditioning Coach
Cleveland Indians


I would highly recommend Swiss Therapeutic Training Products to any athlete, organization or facility due to it’s effectiveness in increasing blood flow, buffering lactic acid, increasing neuromuscular activity and facilitating soft tissue massage, all which decrease training recovery time and increase an athletes physical and mental well being. The drum configuration and its ability to adjust to different heights make it very simple to apply to any area of the body, making it the most effective form of therapeutic vibration in the market place today.
- Eric Lichter, BS, CSCS, CPT
Performance Enhancement Specialist
Columbus, Ohio



The Cleveland Gladiators truly benefited from the world-class services of Swiss TTP and the Swisswing in our Inaugural Season of Arena Football League action. Whether it was before, during or after practice, our players could be found utilizing the intense treatment provided by the Swisswing. There is no doubt that it kept our players healthy and in top shape throughout the season.
- Mike Wilpolt
Former Head Coach
Cleveland Gladiators (AFL)


I loved having the Swiss Wing as part of our daily training program. As an older guy I definitely need all the help that I can get. I was just so impressed about how well it worked with everything from tight muscles to stiff joints. It played a large role in keeping me healthy and able to play through our busy season.
- Mark Schulte
Former Professional Soccer Player
Carolina RailHawks


The Swisswing has become one of the most useful tools in our training facility for tissue activation and recovery.  Its usage has gone beyond pre-workout tissue preparation and now is being implemented as a pre-practice warm-up tool.  This is a credit to the versatility of unit and its effectiveness.  The number of athletes that we have using the machine on a daily basis allows us to not only to prepare for optimal performance, but it reduces the potential for injury as well.
- Mike Potenza
Professional Hockey Strength and Conditioning Coach