BMR 2100XL, one of Swiss TTP's products, is a multi-purpose device that can improve overall fitness, rehabilitation, health, and training. The BMR 2100XL expands, contracts and elongates the cells, making increased flexibility and strength a possibility. The BMR 2100XL can also help eliminate or significantly reduce accumulated calcium deposits and impurities in the body. This takes place with a certain amplitude and high frequency up to 35Hz.

The BMR 2100XL transmits stimulation to the muscle fibers of the body, increasing bone density and muscle strength. This stimulation manipulates the body’s reflexive reaction to agitations in mobility and stability, producing a stretch reflex that causes the muscles to tighten.

swisswing® machines take little time to use and the process is undemanding. You simply place the body part you want to train on the cylindrical drum and let the machine do the work for you. Three times a week, one to two minutes per exercise. It is really that easy.

swisswing® machines can improve overall fitness and health, accelerate rehabilitation progress, and enhance athletic training and performance.